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The Prionids Collection is a series of entomological books dealing with the group of beetles of the subfamily Prioninae (Prionids) from the family Cerambycidae (long-horned beetles). This selection is supplemented with representatives of species from the families Anoplodermatidae and Oxypeltidae, which are also classified in the group called Prionids.

The whole collection is conceived as an illustrated catalog with many high-quality and detailed photographs and thus need not serve only entomological specialists or collectors but also the unpretentious layman can appreciate the colorfulness and diversity of the many species of beetles from the subfamily Prioninea.

The Collection in 5 points

What are Prionids?
They are groups of beetles from the superfamily Chrysomeloidea which historically were considered to be Prionids.
Why Prionids?
It is a matter of beetles which are attractive for collectors and which are bound by their occurrence mainly to their original biotopes, which are often endangered by human activity. In the past, this group has never been presented in such a number of illustrated species.
Where from?
The first volume is a selection of the most attractive species of beetles from the whole world. From the second volume on, only species from a single region will be presented, e.g. Neotropical, Ethiopian, Holoarctic, Oriental & Australian.
How many species?
For the time being, the collection contains about 700 species, but there are plans to process further species, for example, from museums in Paris and London.
How many volumes?
The planned extent of the series is 10 to 12 volumes which should be published in the next few years.

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