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“Kulturní dědictví” (Cultural Heritage) is a civic association that was founded with the objective of developing and propagating projects in the areas of education, conservation of nature and natural resources and preservation of biological diversity on our planet.

In 2008 we extended our activity into the field of publication and began publishing entomological books. This activity is the result of longtime personal cooperation with the leading Czech entomologist and collector Ivo Jeniš, the author of the book known throughout the whole world “Tesaříci / Long-horned Beetles(ISBN: 978-80-238-6757-2).


About the collection

It is our goal to publish in the next few years a comprehensive collection of books dealing with the subfamily (or group if you like) Prionids from the family of Cerambycidae (long-horned beetles) numbering almost 1,100 species from the whole world. The planned extent of this collection is 10 to 12 volumes.

Should you have any comments or suggestions or would like to become one of the sellers of our books, you can use the contact form or contact us at the address listed below.

Kulturní dědictví, o.s.
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Czech Republic, Europe

phone: +420 571 655 554
mobile: +420 603 171 696
VAT No.: CZ26612674

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