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name: Ivo Jeniš
gender: Male
nationality: Czech
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I have been studying the classification Coleoptera for 35 years.
The subject of my studies is the fauna of Central Europe and the higher classification of beetles. For about 20 years I have endeavored to depict these insects graphically with the intent of publishing the results. In my collection, I have around 6,000 taxa of beetles from Central Europe and about 200 families of selected species of beetles from the whole world. I have other insects represented only marginally as I intend to found a private insect museum that will be open to the public.
In addition to the books, I am cooperating in various projects connected with the conservation of nature.

Due to my interest in nature, I have visited the following countries, some of them a number of times:

Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece (also the island of Crete), Switzerland, France, Andorra and Spain
Morocco, Canary Islands, Madagascar, Mauritius, South African Republic
Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia (also the island of Borneo), Indonesia (the island of Java and Celebes)
New Caledonia, Fiji
South America
Dominican Republic, French Guyana

On my trips I have discovered hundreds of new species of beetles and other insects. Thanks to these trips abroad, I dispose over one of the most extensive collections in the world as far as the diversity of beetles is concerned. I plan to publish further books concerned with this field, for example, Eucnemidae or beetles in general.
I work together with specialists from all over the world. Among them are names like Aimery de Gramont, Ziro Komyia, Alain Drumont and Karl Adlbauer.

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